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1st Book Signing Success!

I had the privilege of having my first book signing in April. It was an amazing experience. I had a ton of traffic from being set up at the front of the store, from friends and family come through, and even a few very special readers made their way to me. I was blown away by the show of support. Most of the time, being an author means sitting at my desk and writing by myself. Other than social media creation, I don't get to interact with readers and authors so this was a true treat. 

My boys also got to see me accomplish a dream. To them, I've always written. Mom is up at her desk (I have a desk that sort of overlooks our living room in a loft-style makeshift office), writing away or working. Often they don't see or understand the result until I have a published book on hand. This time, they got to see me with my banner setup and signing table. They saw me interacting with bookstore customers. Sometimes my authorship takes time away from them but that means they have a happy mom who chases her dreams. I hope one day they can too. 

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