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Book Review: Resurrecting Cassidy Marchand

5 Stars

Synopsis: Her death was only the beginning.

What happens when you're pulled into an alternate version of your life—again?

Cassidy Marchand thought the alternate reality thing was done. Of course, it was a little unsatisfying not to know exactly what sent her sliding through dimensions, but she was glad to be alive. Surviving a serial killer tended to give perspective.

But then the father who abandoned her as a child and the mother who died when she was eight walk into her hospital room, and she realizes she must be in the wrong universe. Again.

Now she's navigating this new family dynamic while dealing with the case against her would-be killer and investigating just what the hell was happening to her. But things get complicated fast as her search lands her in danger, her childhood dream falls apart, and her past catches up with her.

Cassidy has to decide if she's going to do what she's good at and run from it all or finally stand up and take charge of her life.

*no spoilers for book 2 but some spoilers for book 1 in series*

Ok, if you follow me, you know how I’m a big fan of the Alternate Chronicles series. The ending of The Alternate End of Cassidy Marchand? 👀 I HAD to know what was going to happen next.

Resurrecting Cassidy Marchand did not disappoint. Initially, we’re thrust back into Cassidy’s timeline (or so we hope) and there are a bunch of differences: a family, a burgeoning relationship with Drew, media coverage, the possibility of an unknown organization being involved… it’s a lot for Cassidy to wrap her mind around. The groundwork for this book was set up well in book one so I loved that in the second book we could jump right into Cassidy having background knowledge of alternate timelines and her trying to deal with the effects of that.

One thing that struck me half way though was how badly I felt for Cassidy’s character. The poor woman is thrust in and out of timelines. She had built a friendship with Skylar and Drew in book 1, then was pulled out and she has to deal with her own life with new elements all over again. Cassidy has a hard time trusting others due to her past and to have it all ripped away just broke my heart for her. The author does such a great job of making Cassidy relatable. She’s tough yet tries to be vulnerable, sarcastic, and strong. I love her as a main character.

The last 50 pages had me gasping all the way to the end (in the best possible way). The book is well written and holds tension throughout but the last pages pack several punches. And the romantic element was to die for. Again, Tracey has hooked me for the next book!

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