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His Viking Captive is a #1 Bestseller in the Canadian Viking Historical Romance category!

His Viking Captive was released on January 24th. The paperback was made available a few days prior so that folks could order the paperback and have it delivered by release day. The paperback shot to number one in the Viking Historical Romance category and that is where it stayed. For a week! At the time of writing this post, it is still there.

I am astounded. Mostly at the amount of support, I've received from family and friends and writers I've met on the internet. It was my first book release and the fact that it's made it this high in the Canadian charts made my little author's heart burst with gratitude. It's even gone so far as #25 in that category in the American Amazon charts, which is HUGE.

What's next? I have a giant list of things to do. From website updates, drafting a newsletter, creating a reader magnet, looking into making His Viking Captive into an audiobook, creating social media promotion and advertisements to keep the attention on this book while I write the second... It suddenly feels like a lot while I am in the process of drafting The Saxons of Hyrstow book 2. But, I am so grateful to be thinking about all of these things. 2023 feels like it will be a huge year for me to get to work and make some great content. I keep reminding myself that I am building a business and it is a marathon, not a sprint. I will implement all of the things I want to do over time.

What a great week it's been. I'm so grateful.

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