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Coming March 18, 2024


From Amazon #1 Bestselling author, C.A. Fray, comes:

A marriage of convenience…
Heartbroken after his wife’s death and overwhelmed by the needs of his children, Branton Cutter strikes a marriage bargain with widow Emma Baker. Despite his grief, Branton’s life takes a chaotic turn when the attraction he feels toward Emma is more than that of their arrangement.

A temptation that cannot be ignored…
To escape the kingdom's widow tax, Emma agrees to Branton's proposal in order to save a proper dowry for her daughter. Little does she know that sharing a house with the broken man will test her patience as well as her desire.

While politics between the church and earldom unravel, peril linked to the past looms over the village of Hyrstow. Will Branton and Emma be able to reconcile their feelings in time to ensure their family’s survival?


The Amazon #1 Bestselling Book: 

His Viking Captive


Taken by her enemy…

Yrsa Arkyndóttir has sworn a blood oath to avenge her father’s death, but when her clan’s Viking raid fails, Yrsa is taken captive by the rugged Saxon chieftain, Ridley. Injured, Yrsa knows she must escape though as she heals, she finds herself fighting desire for her infuriating captor.


Tempted by the woman who tried to kill him…

Ridley Ward is determined to protect his village, yet he cannot kill the impetuous Yrsa. To ensure her safety, he must keep her presence a secret. Little does Ridley know how much the beautiful Viking will test him. 


Amidst growing tension in the kingdom and the threat of their illicit secret being discovered, Yrsa and Ridley must come together to uncover the true meaning of obligation, loyalty, and love.

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